Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif



Access to safe drinking water is the basic human right. Major chunk of the population in the Punjab province is deprived of safe drinking water. My government has accorded the highest priority to provide safe drinking water to marginalized segments of society in rural and peri-urban areas of Punjab province. The present regime is striving its best to cater the needs of the peoples. Saaf Pani Project of Punjab Government is a flagship initiative and on its completion in next three years, more than 50 million population in 144 tehsils of the province will have a sustained access to the safe drinking water. Furthermore, the Rs. 70 billion project will be a watershed in eliminating water-borne diseases, which added to the financial woes of the rural populace. For this purpose, Punjab Saaf Pani Company has been established to with the mandate to develop, design, plan and execute projects for the provision of safe drinking water solutions depending upon the nature of contamination across the province. We have built a new team of professionals, experts and consultants to fast-track the implementation of the project. This project of huge public importance has my personal commitment and we have performance audit on regular basis. In the first phase, more than 80 water filtration plants have been installed in South Punjab while feasibility and survey reports in other areas of the province have been completed. We are inviting leading international firms and companies to invest in this project and meet international standards in provision of community-based water supply solutions to the marginalized segments of society. We are in contact with Chinese and other international companies for this purpose. This will certainly help the nation in achieving the competitive edge in the international arena. As public health is inextricably linked with the provision of potable water, my government is committed to effectively discharging its responsibilities. Like other manifestation, this initiative will also be quoted as a success story aimed at the public service in the annals of the history. We have a fast growing economy, vast human capital and fast changing lifestyles can only be materialized with the help of mega projects, which will play a vital for prosperous and developed province. Though the task is very daunting but my government is blessed with the acumen to overcome such challenges. I am determined to serve the peoples of the province and this project will be completed within stipulated time-frame.

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.




Chairman P&D Mr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan

Mr. Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan is a serving as Chairman Planning & Development and Additional Chief Secretary - Energy, Government of Punjab. He did his MBBS from University of Peshawar and MBA(Public Service) University of Birmingham, UK. He held various positions in Government and has 24 years diversified professional experience. His professional expertise include Public sector Financial management




Chairman PSPC Mr. Kashif Padhiar

Punjab has been firmly put on a path of high economic growth under the able leadership of honourable Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. Today Punjab, being at the centre of economic activities, is the epitome of the continuous efforts of its people and the Government to reach high standards in mega projects. Punjab is currently a hot zone for international and local investors to tap the available opportunities that this province has to offer and the vision of Punjab Government is to increase business in this province so that its people can enjoy economic prosperity and high living standards in the years to come. Punjab Saaf Pani Company has been established to accomplish and fulfill the vision of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to provide safe drinking water to the marginalized communities in the Punjab province. Provision of safe drinking water to the masses in the province is a pioneer project of worthy Chief Minister of the Punjab. The determination and commitment by the Chief Minister Punjab for the scheme would result in fulfilling his quest to serve the people of Punjab and improving the lifestyle of the people by providing necessary amenities of life. The passion of the Chief Minister demands provision of planned and clean water supply solutions on a sustainable basis. We at Punjab Saaf Pani Company are making all-out efforts towards the achievement of vision of Chief Minister of the Punjab to transform the lives of teeming millions across the province. The Saaf Pani project is bound to set precedent for others to follow. We hope to continue to derive strength from the support and goodwill of hundreds of families living across the province to serve them in an improved manner. We hope to fulfill the masses dreams to enjoy amenities of life. We are following a core philosophy of providing cutting edge solutions to the people belonging to lower income strata and trying to supplement the same with a level of service that is unprecedented.

Kashif Padhiar




CEO PSPC/Acting Dr. Kamran Shams

Dr. Kamran Shams is working as CEO of the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. Dr. Kamran joined Civil Services of Pakistan in 1991 and held many important positions during his career. He worked in the Federal Secretariat, Establishment Division, and Ministry of Industries and Production. He also worked as Secretary, Human Resource Management at the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) and was part of the team responsible for the restructuring of HR format of CBR.
After resigning from Civil Service he joined Habib Bank as Head of HR-Retail Banking Group. He also worked as Human Resource Consultant with Canada Pakistan Basic Education Project, a project of (CIDA) Canadian International Development Agency.
Dr. Kamran Shams is also amongst the founding directors of Akhuwat, and also on Board of several civil society organizations such as Red Crescent Society and Fountain House.

Punjab Saaf Pani