Punjab Saaf Pani Company – North intends to provide safe drinking water to 17 Districts (68 tehsils) of Northern Punjab in phase manner. In first phase of the project, working on top priority 28 tehsils of Southern Punjab is in progress because of factors like water quality, poverty index etc. of these 28 tehsils is worst in Punjab. 17 Districts (68 tehsils) of Northern Punjab, will be covered in later phases.

Currently, Bidding documents for 2 tehsils (Pattoki and Chunian) have been launched and process to finalize contractor is in progress. International Engineering Management Consultants have been appointed to complete design process and detailed water quality surveys in the tehsils. Moreover, process of land identification by field staff of Punjab Saaf Pani Company – North and land transfer with Revenue Department is in progress. Detailed survey with different DISCOs (MEPCO, LESCO, FESCO etc.) regarding provision of electricity to Water Treatment Plants is also in progress.


Punjab Saaf Pani