The involvement of all community members including women, youth and the poor is of critical importance for the project. Thus, it is imperative that the community is actively involved in the entire process, from planning to implementation. The problem of drinking water supply is diverse and complex in nature, and demands varied engineering, institutional and O&M solutions. Further, the socio-cultural dimensions of each community need careful study of the milieu need assessment, gender analysis, and power relationship mapping within the community for sustainable community ownership and control.

Punjab Saaf Pani Company - North firmly believes that no intervention can be successful on a sustainable basis unless the local community participates and owns the scheme or the project. Community refers to the ongoing process of building ownership of and partnership with the community by the project implementing agency with an aim to improving decision-making and community control during the planning, designing, implementation, handover, O&M and evaluation phases of the project.

Punjab Saaf Pani